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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  If we do not address your questions here, please feel to email or call us at (808) 847-0851.


Air Conditioning Systems

Where can I get a really good explanation of how an air conditioner works?

What are BTU and EER?

What is Inverter Technology?

What are EER and SEER Ratings?

Is the higher EER worth it?

Consumer Information on Energy Efficiency

What do I need to know to maintain my air conditioning system?

Consumer Energy Efficiency

What is the Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency?

What is included in the Tax Credit?

How do I apply for the tax credit? What tax form do I need for the energy efficiency tax credits?

Is there an income limit on the tax credit?

Is the $1,500 tax credit for each product? Each year? Each person?

What is a Manufacturer's Certification Statement?

Is there a tax credit for central air conditioners (CACs)?

Is there a tax credit for ductless central air conditioners (sometimes called mini splits) or ductless air source heat pumps?

Is there a tax credit for window unit air conditioners?

Can I do the install myself (for example, windows, insulation, or HVAC) and still get the tax credit?

Are installation costs covered by the tax credits?

Customer Services

Help us to Improve, Give us your Feedback

General Questions

How do I choose an air conditioning dealer?

What makes a quality air conditioning contractor?

How can I control my energy costs?

How do I know what size system I need for my home?

Five quick steps businesses can take to conserve energy

My children have allergies. Is there a way to improve the indoor air quality in my home?

How do I save money on my Air Conditioning bill?


Definition of Terms


What is a Ductless Split-system?

Why should I consider a Mr. Slim split-ductless air conditioning system?

Duct-Free System vs Window Unit

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