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American Air Conditioning provides a comprehensive estmate, and installation services for Single Family Homes, Condominiums, Multiple Units, and Commercial institutions. Either your new construction or remodeling, we do it all. Call us to obtain a Free Estimate.

Air Conditioning Estimate Process
  1. Fill out Schedule an Appointment or call American Air Conditioning LLC Hawaii at (808) 847-0851 to have one of our technicians visit your home or business location and gather information for calculating your air conditioning system requirements.
  2. Please ensure that you someone will be home to let our technician in and take the measurements we need. If a new system is necessary, American Air Conditioning Hawaii will perform a Manual J® load calculation.
  3. During the ESTIMATE appointment, American Air Conditioning Hawaii technician will measure each room of your house or place of business. We need to measure floors, ceilings, and wall, including all the windows, and check insulation in the attic walls, and crawlspaces.
  4. Some other factors that go into our estimate is finding out the number of occupants, inside and outside temperatures, shading and roof color.
  5. We will provide you with a copy of the estimate for your information and to help you remember the required air conditioning system is specific to your home or business. The estimate copy may also be useful in comparing bids from other contractors. You may email or call us at (808) 847-0851. I f the calculations don't include all the items mentioned above, or if you see anything that you don't understand.
  6. We will contact you to confirm the exact date of installation. Please ensure that if you need to re-schedule, we would require at least 48 hour notification in order to make other arrangements.

  • We would require at least one (1) whole day to install 1-2 units. For example, if we are installing one (1) central air conditioning unit, and one ductless split system, we would need one (1) day of installation.
  • We usually set the appointment between 7:30am to 5:00pm

Air Conditioning Installation Process

  1. Fill out Schedule an Appointment or call American Air Conditioning LLC Hawaii at (808) 847-0851 to obtain an Installation Appointment.
  2. Prior to the installation day, please ensure that areas where the cooling units will reside are clear of furnitures/appliances or any breakable things. If you have an attic, we also need access to this area to install ductwork.
    Don't be tempted by the lowest bid. Be willing to pay for the time the contractor must spend to do the job right .
  3. Buy a high-efficiency unit. New air conditioners are required by federal law to have a SEER of 13 or higher. Even though it will cost more, it's usually worth it to buy at least a SEER 13 unit, because over time that initial investment will be paid back with energy savings.
  4. Look for an ENERGY STAR label when you shop. If you are replacing an existing air conditioner, you must replace the whole unit, including the inside coil and often the blower fan, to achieve the rated efficiency.
  5. Install for ease of maintenance. Make sure the inside coil can be reached for cleaning. We may have to install an access panel, depending on the model. The coil should be cleaned every two years. The air filter should be located where it is easy to remove. Check it every month during the summer, and clean it or change it whenever it is dirty.
  6. After we install your cooling system, our technician will show you how to use and care for your system on a day to day basis. For example, how to change the filter and how to operate the thermostat. We will advise you about symptoms which could signal that there might be a problem with the equipment. We will let you know when it should be serviced again.

  • To maximize the life of your equipment. We honor the terms of the warranty on the equipment throughout the warranty period.
  • American Air Conditioning LLC Hawaii does not offer price as the only consideration. While it is a major factor, there often are valid reasons for price differences.

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