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  1. Contact the Dealer who installed the Mr. Slim product, or your nearest authorized MEUS Mr. Slim product Contractor, Dealer or Distributor, whose name and address may be obtained by referencing our website at
  2. Proof of installation date from an authorized MEUS Contractor is required when requesting warranty service. Present your sales receipt or other document which establishes proof and date of installation. Without this, the effective warranty date shall be considered sixty (60) days after the date of manufacture stamped on the Mr. Slim product. THE RETURN OF THE OWNER REGISTRATION CARD IS NOT A CONDITION OF COVERAGE UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. However, please return the Owner Registration Card so that we can contact you should a question of safety arise which could affect you.
  3. This Limited Warranty applies only while the Mr. Slim product remains at the site of the original installation (except for mobile homes) and only to locations within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

THIS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER property damages, malfunction or personal injury caused by or resulting from: [a] accident, abuse, negligence or misuse; [b] operating the Mr. Slim product in a corrosive or wet environment containing chlorine, fluorine or any other chemical hazardous to the Mr. Slim product; [c] installation, alteration, repair or service by anyone other than an authorized MEUS Contractor or Dealer or other than pursuant to the manufacturer’s instructions; [d] improper matching of components of the Mr. Slim product; [e] improper or deferred maintenance contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions; [f] physical abuse to or misuse of the product (including any failure to carry out any maintenance as described in the Operating Instruction Manual including air filter cleaning or any product damaged by excessive physical or electrical stress); any products that have had a serial number or any part thereof altered, defaced or removed; product use in any manner contrary to the Operating Instruction Manual; freight damage; or any damage caused by force majeure or other factors beyond the reasonable control of MEUS, such as power surge damage caused by lightning and fluctuations in or interruptions of electrical power and flood.

This Limited Warranty also excludes service calls where no defect in the product covered under this warranty is found, all costs, expenses or any other damages arising from product installation or set-ups, any adjustments of user controls or service of products purchased or serviced outside the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Please consult the operating instructions contained in the Operating Instruction Manual furnished with the product for information regarding user controls.

For Mitsubishi's Mr Slim Warranty Statement, please click Mr Slim Warranty Statement.

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