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Ductless Split System
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Most commonly used to cool specific rooms or the majority of a home which has a very open floor pan. In a mini split system the condensing unit stays outside the house just like in a traditional split system. However rather than one single indoor unit that circulates the cooled air throughout the house through air ducts the mini split has one, or more, indoor units that connect to the condensor outside. The individual unit(s) are mounted on walls or in the ceiling and cool a specific area. In many instances 2-4 indoor units can cool the majority of the home's interior while avoiding the extra expense of installing a duct system.

  • Usually involves a simpler installation than a traditional split system
  • Reduced noise by not having the condensor unit inside the home.
  • Systems can be purchased that use a single control for all inside units.
  • Efficiency levels are not typically as high as the more common split central air system.

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