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ArmorCoat, a tin-plated protection designed to fight the effects of coil corrosion.

As you may have heard, Indoor Coil Failure because of formicary corrosion has become an increasing issue for all HVAC manufacturers. The news recently highlighted this industry-wide problem in its June 11, 2007 issue. One of the leading HVAC manufacturer has addressed this in the issue, becoming the first manufacturer to sell an enhanced product, ArmorCoat evaporator coils & fan coils, to specifically combat this problem.


Recent studies of indoor condensate samples have increasingly linked the cause of formicary corrosion coil failures to chemical agents commonly found in the home. The trend toward improved home energy efficiency has resulted in decreased home ventilation which further contributes to elevated levels of indoor contaminants. This in turn, increases the risk of the formicary pitting corrosion of evaporator coils. Newer homes face an even greater risk, as the materials used in new home construction (including plywood, particle board, adhesives, carpet, foam insulation, and certain paints) often emit higher or more significant levels of formaldehyde, formic acid and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS). A higher correlation of formicary corrosion coil failures and high humidity areas may also exist.


Carrier has taken a leadership position in the understanding and diagnosis of this issue and has conducted extensive field and laboratory testing to identify an effective method of significantly reducing coil failures caused by agents in the household environment.  


Carrier Corporation is proud to offer Armor Coat tin plated coils, a product enhancement consisting of tin coating the copper hairpins in these evaporator and fan coils. Carrier recommends that all dealers use ArmorCoat tin plated coils in residential new construction installations, in areas where the relative humidity is high or both.